Prayer - The Key to Salvation

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Many Christians are timid because speaking a word for the sake of the Lord can be risky and frightening. Boldness gives you the courage to risk ridicule and to endure the scorn. Ask God for it. Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord," 2 Tim. Pray to the Lord to bind Satan and his angels. There is a hierarchy of demons seeking to hinder your witness and steal the seeds of the Gospel that you plant.

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You cannot fight spirits with reason or flesh and blood, but you can ask the Lord to fight. With prayer, you can assault the camp of the enemy and weaken his false kingdom. Prayer is a mighty tool, a powerful tool. You need it if you are going to witness. Pray for your needs. Do you have a close walk with God?

Prayer the Key to Salvation

Do you need a deeper fellowship with Him? Do you have sins you need to confess and forsake? If so, then pray. Enjoy your privilege of coming to the Creator of the universe who meets your every need.


He loves you. He wants to hear from you and He wants you to make your needs known to Him. Prayer is important for many reasons, especially for witnessing. But prayer can be hindered.

So that your prayers and witnessing might be as effective as possible, a discussion of the hindrances of prayer is necessary. Do any of the following apply to you? Sin hinders prayer.


We all sin, but do you have unconfessed and unrepented sin in your life? If so, confess your sin, repent from it as you are commanded in Acts , and continue in witnessing and prayer. Selfishness hinders prayer. Examine yourself. Make sure your prayers are not motivated by selfish desires.

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If you find that selfishness is a factor then confess it and repent. Doubt hinders prayer.

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  8. We all doubt. We all fail.

    What is the sinner's prayer?

    But when you doubt be reminded of the man who said to Jesus, "Lord I believe, help my unbelief," Mark He believed and yet doubted and Jesus granted his request. Remember that God has given a measure of faith to every man Rom. Trust God, even when you have doubts. It does not matter necessarily how much faith you have as much as who your faith is in.

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    4. Put what faith you have in Jesus. Trust Him.

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