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Once a book is officially out, there will be no more review copies. Why can't I get your books in my country? Do I need a college degree to write books? But you do need a strong grasp of grammar and structure, and you need to be self-motivated. Writing a book means spending day after day writing, with no one standing over your shoulder reminding you of your deadline or goal. How did you find your literary agent? I was recommended as a client to my current agent by one of her other clients, but I found my first literary agent who sold more than a dozen books for me by querying literary agents according to the instructions on their websites.

Why does it take you so long to write a book? What takes so long is all the other stuff that goes into producing a book. Cover art. And finishing everything at least six months before the publication date, so that professional reviewers have time to read and review the book in advance of publication. Have you ever thought about making your books into movies? It takes millions and millions of dollars to make a movie. Truthfully, very, very few books will ever be optioned for film, and of those optioned, very, very few will actually make it to the screen. Who is your publisher? My adult books are published by Mira Books, a division of Harlequin, as was my Soul Screamers series.

Do you have any control over the format your books are published in? Do you get to pick your cover art? They have experts who know what will make a reader want to pick up a book. Almost invariably. I plot and I write a detailed synopsis, between 4, and 8, words. Did you go to college to learn to write books?

I learned to write by reading. By studying the craft. Do you have kids? Two of them. Their screen names are Melody and Maestro. My son plays three instruments and my daughter plays two instruments and sings. What's your daily writing goal? How many books have you published?

Menagerie , which comes out Sept 29, , will be my nineteenth published book. How many books do you write in a year? That depends on the year. Two to four, in a typical year. Are you a full-time writer, or do you have a "day job? What that means is that writing books pays my bills. Writing is not my hobby.

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I have deadlines that must be met, whether or not I feel like writing at any given time. Theme by HB-Themes. These are the questions I'm asked most frequently. How many Soul Screamers books are there? There are seven full length novels. Book 2 in the series will be Masquerade , which will be out in the fall of Automatically reloads Hellfire Shotguns to full ammo. Can be cancelled early. Can be used to take Health Packs. Casting time. After marking a destination, Reaper disappears and reappears at that location.

Details Can be used while Reaper is in the air. Reaper is invulnerable when exiting. Deals damage per second against armor. A Summary! Polygon , accessed on Categories : Heroes Reaper Overwatch members Talon members. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. Competitive Teams Tournaments. Community Join Us!

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About Overwatch Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO. United States military formerly Overwatch formerly Blackwatch formerly Talon council member. The Reaping. Reaper steals health from his enemies as he damages them. Hellfire Shotguns. Reaper tears enemies apart with twin shotguns. Wraith Form. Shadow Step. Death Blossom.

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While D. Va will struggle to kill you, she can be annoying to deal with. Her Defense Matrix will force you to either waste shots or waste time, and it can block all the damage from Death Blossom. Va can also easily escape with her Boosters should the fight turn against her, making her difficult to kill.

In a sustained fight with her, though, you will usually come out on top; if you can wait out the duration of her Defense Matrix and catch her while Boosters is on cooldown, you can rip through her health with a few accurate shots. You can also use Wraith Form to either flee from a poor engagement or to quickly reload and finish D. Va's Mech off before she can use Boosters or Defense Matrix. If you destroy her Mech, try to quickly kill her Pilot form before she can escape; while she can be easily dispatched at close range, she'll have you beat at long range with her accurate and powerful Light Pistol.

While you and Reinhardt both prefer to fight at close range, your massive damage output and self-healing will make it almost impossible for Reinhardt to kill you without a well-aimed Charge or Earthshatter. If Reinhardt is attempting to hit you with his hammer, you can easily stay just outside its range and attack away with your shotguns; if he chooses instead to lift his barrier, just walk through it and shoot him point blank. If you anticipate an oncoming Charge, have Wraith Form at the ready to dodge it.

Be wary of Roadhog's hook combo, as it can kill you if you're not careful. Barring this, a fight with Roadhog is a fight of positioning and attrition, as you both deal your best damage at close range and you both have self-heal abilities. If you avoid his Chain Hook, though, your massive damage should be able to rip through him before he has time to use it again. Roadhog can totally shut down Death Blossom with a well-placed hook, so be wary of him when using it.

Wrecking Ball. With a massive body, slow movement and weak weapon, Winston is one of your weakest opponents. Watch where Winston jumps, and if he lands close enough to chase down, don't hesitate to use Wraith Form to catch up to him and finish him off. If Winston is trying to heckle your weaker teammates, stick close to them and you'll prove to be a massive deterrent.

If Winston activates Primal Rage, you can try to gun him down as he'll have difficulty killing you with his weak punches; just be wary of any nearby cliffs, as he can send you flying to your doom with little means to save yourself. With well-timed shots and usage of Wraith Form, you can wait out Zarya's energy barrier.

If you're not careful, though, Zarya's barriers on herself and her team can absorb your high damage to power her up. While you can burst down Zarya's barriers instead of waiting them out, this puts you at risk of a high-energy Zarya. If she or the ally she's protecting is at low health, it may be worth it to run through the barrier, otherwise it would be better to wait it out so Zarya doesn't get her massive charge.

One on one, you should have little difficulty dealing with Zarya, but if Zarya is with a group, you shouldn't engage without support. While you have high damage output, you're not particularly fast, meaning it can be difficult to avoid oncoming fire. A friendly Zarya barrier can free you up to lay waste to your opponents, all while making your Zarya stronger should your opponents choose to attack you. A group of enemies clustered with Graviton Surge can serve as easy pickings for Death Blossom, or even simply for some point-blank shotgun fire. As with most heroes, Bastion will tear you apart if you're caught out in the open.

However, you can use Shadow Step to easily get behind Bastion and unload into him. Genji can easily stay out of your effective range and if he ends up too close he can use his Deflect to send your shots back at you. However, he doesn't necessarily have the killing power to put you down, and can't get into point-blank range for long enough to use Fan of Blades for obvious reasons. While Reaper can quickly dispatch Hanzo if you can get close, Hanzo's Storm Arrows can run through you at close distances.

At any sort of significant range, Hanzo has the clear advantage, as his arrows work just fine at range while Reaper's damage rapidly declines. Worse, Hanzo's Sonic Arrow can reveal you if you try to sneak around. While it is often the case that Reaper can survive an encounter with Hanzo by using Wraith Form, it is best to avoid engagement with Hanzo unless you can get the drop on him.

A lot of Junkrat's strategies are foiled by Wraith Form. You can phase right through chokepoints flooded with grenades, Steel Trap and Total Mayhem, albeit at the cost of your escape mechanism. You will likely win at close range, unless Junkrat has his Concussion Mine off cooldown, which can cause problems. Sneak around McCree and try to deal with him with point-blank headshots.

Since you can avoid getting frozen by Mei with Wraith Form and you tear her apart when within range of her Endothermic Blaster, she will struggle to deal with you. However, Mei's walls can both spoil your approach as well as prevent you from retreating with Wraith Form. At range, Mei has a clear advantage with her Icicles. Mei also has Cyro-Freeze to save herself when at low health or to stall and wait for her allies to arrive.

Your heavy damage can sometimes kill her before she realizes she's in danger, particularly with a close-range head shot. Pharah can stay far out of your reach and fire rockets down on you. You will be forced to retreat unless Pharah drops to the ground, where you will have a much better time dealing with her. Reaper vs Reaper simply comes down to who kills who first. Aim for the head and be ready to activate Wraith Form should the fight go sour. Soldier: Soldier: 76 will win if he maintains his distance and fires in short, quick bursts, using his Helix Rockets to quickly finish you off before he has a chance to escape with Wraith Form.

Up close though, Reaper is much more likely to win, as 76's damage doesn't increase up close unlike his. A Hack from Sombra can keep you on ground without Wraith Form to flee from or pursue her and her team. However, you have more firepower to use against Sombra and a large amount of health. Even if hacked, in a 1 on 1 situation you should be able to handle Sombra at close range. Symmetra Photon Projector has high damage output just like your Hellfire Shotguns, but her health is compared to your , and at point blank range you should be able to outdamage her even if her weapon is powered up.

Should you spot her turrets, a single shot should be able to take them out. If caught off guard by multiple turrets, though, it may be wiser to use Wraith Form to fall back and heal before going back in to take the turrets out. A well-timed Photon Barrier can block all of the damage from Death Blossom, so be wary. A well-placed Turret can annoy you, as you will be able to do little to it while at long range, while safely flanking it could cost you the use of your Wraith Form.

Torbjorn's Overload can save him from Death Blossom. Tracer and Reaper both thrive in close-range combat, but while Tracer has mobility, you have higher firepower. Just one good shot will kill Tracer if immediately followed by a quick melee, and Tracer's Recall won't serve her much good due to how quickly you can put out damage.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean you should play Reaper specifically to counter Tracer. You will only win if Tracer keeps fighting in close range with poor Blink usage. If she's attacking you from a safe middle distance, try to regroup with your team, where she'll have more difficulty picking you off. Widowmaker is capable of staying far outside your range and picking you off in one headshot. She can use her Venom Mine to watch out for when you are trying to flank her, and her Grappling Hook is just as much a tool for getting her out of danger as it is getting her into a fight.

However, if you can successfully catch her off guard, you can very easily dispatch her with a point-blank headshot. When Infra-Sights is active, you can get a better of view of any lone enemies who can fall victim to your ambush. Ana will normally be far out of your range, and should you attempt to get close, she can use her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade to keep you away, if not outright kill you. However, she doesn't have a reliable escape option like Widowmaker or other Support characters do.

If attempting to flank her, be wary of her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade, and use Wraith Form to dodge them if need be. If you can evade these tools and her teammates aren't nearby, you should have no difficulty ripping through her. Bear in mind that when affected by Biotic Grenade, The Reaping will no longer heal you.

If you're in a group fight and you are hit by Biotic Grenade, it may be better to avoid combat, as without your usual self-healing, beefier enemies may be able to kill you before you can kill them. While you will have a tendency to want to flank your opponents, it's important to keep an eye on where your Ana is; not only will she rely on you to deal with harassing threats such as Winston and Wrecking Ball, she also won't be able to heal you unless you're in her line of sight.

If affected by a friendly Biotic Grenade, all sources of healing will be magnified; this includes The Reaping, so you can be braver for a period of time with less risk of getting killed should you put out significant damage. You are a reasonable target for Nano-Boost, especially if you combine it with Death Blossom, which can rip through even the sturdiest of barriers to slaughter a group of enemies.

The Reaper

If you feel the need for additional security when using Death Blossom, you can request a friendly Baptiste to throw his Immortality Field your way. This will keep you safe for the duration of your Ultimate, and can help rip through hunkered down enemies that would normally kill you before you can kill them, such as a Bastion set up with an Orisa and Baptiste. As you and Brigitte both benefit from close-quarters engagements, it's in the best interests of both of you to stick together; her Inspire will keep you constantly healed, while you will be able to fend off any flankers as well as large targets that stand in your way.

This strategy is best suited for traveling through tight indoor spaces, though, as out in the open you're both at the mercy of long-range attackers such as Widowmaker or McCree. Mercy is practically defenseless against Reaper. Be wary of Guardian Angel, though, as she can use it as an emergency escape to get away from your standard attacks, or even to avoid a Death Blossom. Mercy's damage boost can improve the healing you receive from The Reaping, effectively giving you both a damage boost and a health boost.

When you activate Death Blossom, it may be wise for a courageous Mercy to keep her damage boost on you, which can help you run through the enemy team with greater ease. As Moira's healing requires her allies to be close by, try not to lose sight of her, or in the very least be ready to return to her when disengaging from the enemy team. Depending on the skill of both parties, Zenyatta can be an even match-up against you. While his mobility is low, he has a significant range advantage as well as the ability to amplify his damage on you with Orb of Discord. While Wraith Form will dispel Orb of Discord, Zenyatta can instantly reapply it when you rematerialize.

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Even at point blank range, an accurate Zenyatta may be able to land consecutive boosted headshots on you before you can finish him off, and in an emergency Zenyatta can activate Transcendence to save himself and to regroup with his team. Your best bet against Zenyatta is to catch him by surprise and flank him before he has a chance to call allies for support. Zenyatta's Transcendence can completely negate all of the damage from Death Blossom, so try to either bait Transcendence out first or kill Zenyatta before activating Death Blossom. If you stay within Zenyatta's line of sight, Orb of Harmony can keep you sufficiently healthy to allow you to stand your ground and attack opponents, while Orb of Discord can help you quickly run through enemies one after the other.

Our enemies think they can get away with this. They think Overwatch has limits to how far it will go to protect the world But what they don't realize is I don't play by those rules either. You sure you want to hear about this Jack? You haven't left me much choice. Whatever happened to plausible deniability? Little late for that. Sounds like the Brits have the situation under control. Ever the hero, Gabriel.