Courting Darkness: An Otherworld Novel (Otherworld Series Book 10)

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The secondary plot lines? It kind of ruined the whole sense of the Elder Fae as a major super-rare terrifying unique forces around to have so many of them scattered around. Herne drops in to, I dunno, have massive genitals I think, because I have no clue why else he was there. The whole storyline felt like a clumsy addition — maybe it should have been broken off as a short story or just ignored as completely and utterly unnecessary. Seriously he served no other purpose. But other than the story not adding any meta, was it any good? Not really. They learn Hyto is around.

It did not need more rape. I really did not, even if the big bad does end up with lots of comeuppance. And I have to say the writing took a big step back as well. The recapping in this book is ridiculously excessive. Courting Darkness is told from the point of view of Camille, a witch and priestess of the Moon Mother. When I had picked up the book I noticed the spine was stamped "paranormal romance" and thought "that's not right.

These were always more urban fantasy.

Courting Darkness An Otherworld Novel Otherworld Series Book 10

Girls kicking butt with magic and being awesome. As I saw someone describe them, her books are "porny. I had some problems with this book. Big problems. There is a scene of sexual assault in this novel that I really don't think Galenorn needed to go into such graphic detail on.


I've read other books where the horror of rape were implied without having to go into implicit detail. In addition to the scene, I found it ludicrous that after, the main character, Camille, would be lacing herself into a corset to "support" her bruised ribs. And sexual activity right after a sexual trauma? Looked at a psychology text? I really lost interest at that point. She kept introducing bad guys with no rhyme or reason as to why they were being introduced, then no mention of them until the very end.

It looks like she's going to leave them for another book. Honestly, all I could think of was that her characters are big fat self-important Mary Sues. May 13, keikii Eats Books rated it liked it. To read more reviews from this author and others, check out my blog at keikii Eats Books! Warning: Depictions of Rape Courting Darkness finally takes us back to Camille being the lead character again, after the previous two books really suffered for the fact they weren't lead by her. Over the past two books, Camille has gone through a hell of a lot of shit. It has been a really hard time for her.

And instead of being introspective on the hurts that she has already gone through re To read more reviews from this author and others, check out my blog at keikii Eats Books! And instead of being introspective on the hurts that she has already gone through recently, we're going to pile more shit on her instead! Camille has become the punching bag for the series and for the author. I don't like it! She is already strong enough, dang it! Hyto has kidnapped Camille, and is doing everything in his power to make her, and by extension Smoky, suffer. Just like he promised three books ago.

Yes, this is a powerful book for the series. But that is all it really covers. There are a few other things, but all of it is about this one aspect of the story. Or all of what actually matters in the book covers this. I just really wish this author would stop using rape. I find that she doesn't handle it well. I feel it is used cheaply and to ill effect. Like the author wants the character to overcome something awful, so she has them raped. And it is just so tiring. Is everyone in this series going to be raped at some point to "make them stronger"?

Is this just the thing to do in a book series? It is just getting annoying and tiresome and I really hate it. I hate it so much that it really changed the way I enjoyed this book. Typically I enjoy books where a lot of bad shit happens to the main character when already a ton of bad shit has happened to the character.

I just didn't here. I didn't like it. Nov 06, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. Camille also has three husbands: a Svartan dark elf , a dragon, and a fox-spirit. Unfortunately, her dragon father-in-law, Hyto, is a sadistic and vicious person who holds a grudge against Camille. When Camille is kidnapped and tortured by Hyto, can her family save her in time?

This book is a complex read. The did like the world the created and diversity of fascinating characters. I would especially like to read more about Delilah, the shapeshifter sister. However, I have to admit Camille is an extraordinary character. The most admirable thing about this book is how the author dares to confront difficult issues. The torture that Camille goes through is a complete shocker!!

Courting Darkness (Audiobook) by Yasmine Galenorn |

If you are a fan of this series, this latest installment is definitely a page-turner! Reviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Club Sep 05, LilyElement rated it it was amazing Shelves: witch-magic , vampire , first-reads , were-shifter , , yasmine-galenorn. This book is a must read if you have enjoyed the Otherworld series. It is an extremely fast read that you will not want to put down.

Camille is facing Hyto, Smoky's father in this novel. I would not call this book easy going, it is rather dark. You will see how strong Camille is and how her character's strength continues to grow both emotionally and magically. I really can't say much more without giving away things, so I will just tell you now to go purchase this book when it comes out!

I would s This book is a must read if you have enjoyed the Otherworld series. I would suggest reading Iris's story before reading Courting Darkness. Parts of Iris's story are mentioned a few times in this book, but it does not require reading it to fully understand. Iris's story is located in the book Hexed, it is named Ice Shards, the book also includes 3 other novellas from other authors. Nov 14, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: fave.

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When Camille, the oldest of the D'Artigo sisters tries to rescue her little sisters ex-boyfriend from a fairy ring abduction Starting with the kidnapping, torture, rape and beating of Camille by a cruel and ruthless tyrant. All will be risked to achieve an escape that could be moot, as her kidnapper's ultimate goal is her painful death. Camille has a backbone of steel To see such When Camille, the oldest of the D'Artigo sisters tries to rescue her little sisters ex-boyfriend from a fairy ring abduction To see such a refined beauty degraded by such a ruthless enemy brought out the water works for me.

I don't know if it was the pain he inflicted on her or the humiliation that she was made to endure which brought out the tears I just knew I was enraged for her and sympathized with her. Nov 23, Julia rated it it was ok. I have enjoyed every other book in this series so far, but Camille is getting on my last nerve. She is very full of herself as far as her looks go, and since she is narrating the story we get to hear about that for he first half of the book.

Also, Camille's stories are getting very 'porn'y. I skipped pages trying to get past the gratuitous sex scenes and back into the story. About halfway through the book it got better. Camille stopped talking about her sex appeal as much and the story got meati I have enjoyed every other book in this series so far, but Camille is getting on my last nerve. Camille stopped talking about her sex appeal as much and the story got meatier. I think this was a bit darker than the other stories, and I didn't enjoy it as much as I do the ones told from the other sisters POV, but I finished it.

And I will keep reading her stories just so I don't get lost when reading the rest of he series. Jan 05, Krista rated it liked it Shelves: own , ebooks. While I feel that Galenorn's writing and storytelling has improved over the course of this book series, I can't help but be a little disappointed in this book. There is just too much going on. The original jist of these books was that the girls were tying to find all of the spirit seals to prevent all hell breaking loose and the first few 5?

I can't remember the last one that followed that plot line. I suppose character development and additional stories are impor While I feel that Galenorn's writing and storytelling has improved over the course of this book series, I can't help but be a little disappointed in this book. I suppose character development and additional stories are important but can we finish one thing before we start another?

I'll continue to read the series since I've come this far but I'd like to see the storyline get back to basics. Great journey! I love Camile! She's such a sensual women so how could this book not be sensual. It was an emotional journey and amazing! She's a true warrior woman! Aug 05, Michelle McKinney rated it it was amazing.

A lot of crying with this book. Nov 29, Kathy Davie rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , urban. Galenorn rotates the telling of the stories from sister to sister. In this one, it's Camille's point of view and is a short blip of tidying up. My Take I'm being generous in giving this a "3". The story is good; the execution is bad. I don't know if Galenorn got distracted, was in a bad mood, or something was going bad in her life, but chunks of this read like her first couple of books.

Just bad. I did enjoy Camille turning the demon into a poodle. With an ornate cut. I did NOT enjoy Camille being such a wuss. Gimme a break. This just felt out of character to me. Yes, she is in a really bad spot. But this is not her first time at the rodeo. The first threat Hyto makes and she breaks.

I could see Delilah break and transform into her kitty cat self, but not Camille. The strength of the family who has held everyone and everything together all their lives. She broke faster than a fine crystal glass dropped from a story building. She took forever before she made a stab at defiance. All the writing Galenorn did on this aspect was terrible. Didn't she remember the "supposed" strength of Camille's character? Galenorn keeps doing this too. Several times Delilah's character has veered from the baseline. So Hyto threatens her family. Is this a surprise??

Yasmine Galenorn

Does she really think that kowtowing will keep him from killing them anyway? Then there's her self-encounter. With herself. How high school can ya get? My eyes got really tired reading through just about the whole of Camille's imprisonment. They kept rolling and rolling and I was tempted to just skip ahead to save on the wear and tear. I did like the Moon Mother's interventions. No real help in a physical sense, but definitely a morale booster. Hyto's threatened to kill the family and burn down the house. So, they move Camille and her husbands to Smoky's barrow, leaving everyone else in the house.

Uh-huh, that makes sense. It takes awhile before they figure out that, duh, they should bring the rest of the family to safety. Which happens in dribs and drabs. Then there's her "determination to fight through the pain". I'd'a believed this before her pathetic performance in Hyto's dreyerie. One of the positives: we get an inkling on just how it is that Smoky stays so clean all the time! Smokey also provides us with a bit of his family background and how he became the oldest child I almost wanted her to get finished off The Story Everything is going wrong.

Hyto's been sighted in Seattle. The Bog Eater might be loose. Chase has been kidnapped. And, somehow, Trillian figured out what happened between Camille and Vanzir. And he's insisting that Camille spill to Morio and Smoky. They are half-fae and half-human with a lot of individual differences. They live together with their significant otherseseses you'll find out! Camille is the oldest and she's also a Moon Maiden, a priestess to the Moon Mother.

She's married to three, well, men: Trillian is a dark Charming fae, a Svartan, who works as a mercenary; Morio Kuroyama is a Youkai-kitsune Japanese fox demon , Grandmother Coyote's grandson, and he works death magic with Camille poor baby is still recovering from events in Blood Wyne ; and, Smoky , a. She owns the Indigo Crescent bookstore which is run by Giselle , a demon gift from Vanzir. Dierdre is a coyote shifter Camille hired to run the new restaurant attached to the bookstore which the inheritance from Henry Jeffries enabled.

Delilah is the middle sister who also shifts into a housecat and a panther. One of their adventures caused the Autumn Lord, an Elemental, to take an interest in her and now she is also a Death Maiden. The only living one. She's hooked up with Shade , a half-shadow dragon, half-Stradolan lets him use the shadows , who will stand in for the Autumn Lord.

She has a dead twin, Arial , who watches over her from an astral plane and turns into a ghostly leopard. Mennolly , the youngest, was an acrobat before she was caught and turned into a vampire. And has hinted he'd be interested in the same arrangement as Camille has with her men. Derrick Means is a Werebadger who now works as a bartender at the Wayfarer.

Sephreh ob Tanu is the girls' father and he's being a jerk, putting Court over family. Shamas ob Olanda is full Fae and the girls' cousin.

Audio Editions

He works Earthside for Chase. Rythwar is the girls' aunt and Sephreh's sister. She fully supports the girls and thinks her brother is a fool. Yeah, auntie!! Lady Iris Kuusi , a Finnish house sprite and Priestess of Undutar as well as the girls' housekeeper, is now free and able to marry Bruce O'Shea see Hexed: Ice Shards , a leprechaun, if he still wants her. Maggie is their baby calico gargoyle. Events in Bone Magic gave the girls the choice of letting him die or giving him the Nectar of Life. Yugi is Chase's second-in-command. Other allies and friends who live at the house include: Rozurial , a mercenary and incubus as well as one of Mennolly's lovers.

Vanzir is a dream-chaser demon who sucks up the life energy of others. After events in Blood Wyne , he's no longer bound to the girls. Camille is expected to pledge to Aeval's court. An act for which her father will disown her. Hyto is a white dragon, a ninth son of a ninth son, and Smoky's father. He's now divorced from Smoky's mother, Vishana , and banished from the Dragon Reaches and he blames it all on Camille. Yeah, yeah, yeah, cry me a river Hanna is a Northman held captive by Hyto and forced to help him.


Kjell is the son Hyto uses to keep Hanna in line. Carter is a leader of the Demonica Vacana Society; he's half-demon and half-Titan through his father Hyperion. Grandmother Coyote is one of the Hags of Fate, who helps the worlds retain balance. Trytian is a demon who can't make up his mind which side he will support. All the girls know is that he doesn't want Shadow Wing either.

Herne the Hunter makes an appearance and holds back his son, Tra. Not a good enemy to have. George , a. Elaqneve is the Elfin lands in Otherworld OW , which is a human generic reference for another dimension where many of the elves, gods, Elemental Lords, etc. Access to OW is through portals. Y'Elestrial is the city-state in OW where the girls were raised and which is ruled over by Queen Tanaquar. The Ionyc Seas are a current of energy by which some of the supernaturals can travel. The U. The Cover The cover is a soft lavender sky with huge snowflakes softly drifting, the all-white Smoky posing in the background and a demure- looking Camille gazing out at us in her black rubber camisole and silver under-bust corset, her long black hair drifting with the snow.

A very romantic looking cover. What a misnomer, that is! The title sounds better than it is as it's not so much Courting Darkness as surviving it. Jul 22, Deborah Gebhardt rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is my second Otherworld read and also my second Camille novel. Camille and her two sisters are half fae, half human. They and their extended family and friends are waiting for a war to start with a demon.

Meanwhile, one of Camille's husband's father having decided that his troubles are the fault of Camille and his son, he has decided they need to die and torture will be an appetizer to what he ha planned. May 20, TinaMarie rated it really liked it. Listened to audio narrated by Cassandra Campbell.

This story is focused on Camille, while trying to save Chase, Camille is kidnapped, abused and raped. A lot of different things pulling on Camille and her friends. Dealing with the emotional fallout from things that happened in the previous book as well as this new trauma, also new bad guys introduced. Very graphic, some things resolved, while leaving many open story threads. Jun 05, Denise Young rated it really liked it. Another wonderful read in Galenorn's Otherworld series.

This book was dark, dark, dark There was one moment toward the end that threw me--a new character introduced in the last act, which was a little jarring and I felt could've been set up better--but overall a powerful and moving read. The book had some dark moments, for sure, but it ended on a moment of hope. Courting Darkness Camille is amazing She went through much hardship to come out the other side stronger than before. It is not just the sisters but now an entire family standing together.

Wow, does Camille have to face a ton in this book! Poor Smoky to have him as a dad! But Camille is strong and this made her stronger by surviving it! I need to read more! Sep 24, Moon rated it it was amazing. Oct 31, Fangs for the Fantasy rated it did not like it. Having a powerful White Dragon hunting you is a terrifying situation — but with friends falling into portals and the Elder Fae lurking around and running amok, Camille can hardly hide.

But nor can she escape the grasp — and tortures — of her ancient, sadistic father-in-law. Oops, I spoke too soon. Better written, more focused world building and characterisation, more pointful storylines and at least some of the bloat corralled — or if there was going to be bloat at least it would be USEFUL bloat. So did Blood Wyne advance the main story? So bloat — but bloat with a purpose. But this? It has added nothing in 9 books except angst and it adds nothing now.

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  5. About the only change to anything when this book finishes is Camille has some more scars and trauma and they pick up a grateful refugee to act as a maid. The main plot line is pointless. The secondary plot lines? It kind of ruined the whole sense of the Elder Fae as a major super-rare terrifying unique forces around to have so many of them scattered around. Herne drops in to, I dunno, have massive genitals I think, because I have no clue why else he was there.

    The whole storyline felt like a clumsy addition — maybe it should have been broken off as a short story or just ignored as completely and utterly unnecessary. Seriously he served no other purpose. Read More Oct 04, Rose May rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish , arc , the-season-blog.

    Each of the sisters has her own special talents and gifts. Camille our protagonist has three husbands — Trillian, Smoky, and Morio. The question is — can Camille survive long enough to escape before the father breaks her, body and spirit? Well, I never got the chance to find out because this book was way too hard for me to struggle through, and I set it down less than half way through.

    Every other word was something different and crazy and alien. This book is definitely not a stand-alone.

    It was very confusing and difficult to read — although with the sheer amount of characters, worlds, and species, I think it could have been difficult to read even if you did follow the series. The world was far too complex while being poorly crafted to make a good story. Now, even if I had been following this series from the beginning there would are several things that would have lowered this book in my esteem.

    The story read like a series of disjointed vignettes, stapled together. There was no flow, no underlying connection between the scenes — instead each scene was like opening a new box of confusing ideas and relationships that had nothing to do with the last. Furthermore, the way the author writes was distracting. The syntax was strange and awkward, and I found the sentences jarring. The book was unnatural, and instead of flowing smoothly it limped along like a zombie from a low-budget horror flick.

    Finally, the characters were unlikeable. I found it hard to understand their motives, thoughts, and ideals. One of the husbands has HAIR that lifts itself up and strokes her. What is that? Not my cup of tea, that's what. While long-time fans of the series may enjoy this book, I would recommend others to skip this one and read something else. View all 5 comments. Jan 06, Michelle Greathouse rated it really liked it.

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    My thoughts: Camille has just returned from the Northlands, having gone to help Iris face her past so that she could go forward with her future. Shortly after that, Chase calls with news about the sighting of a weird portal in Tangleroot State Park. He is afraid that someone may accidently wander into the portal - or worse, be pulled into the portal against their will.

    On the home front, things are tense between Camille and Vanzir after what happened between the two of them when they were fighting the ghosts in the tunnels. Camille decides that she must tell her husbands in order to keep her own sanity. In the midst of a dragon rage, Smokey asks Camille to give him some space, some time alone - and he leaves the house. Camille, determined to follow him and make him see reason - mistakes Hyto for his son. Hyto grabs Camille and takes her to his secret dreyerie, where he plans to torture her until his son arrives - then he plans to kill them both.

    Courting Darkness is a great installment to a wonderful series. I give Courting Darkness 4 out of 5 stars. Jul 11, Dawn rated it it was amazing Shelves: so-awesome-i-need-more , to-be-read-again , reading-romance-book-challenge , favorites , favorite-read-again-books. I absolutely adore the Otherworld series since I picked up the first book, Witchling and in her tenth installment with Camille as the main focus on, Ms.

    Galenorn delivers a much darker tale than readers are used to and for me, that was a great thing. The story is fast paced, runs the gauntlet of emotions and delivers an ending so touching; you have to read it for yourself to experience it. I do admit, I had to put the book down a few times. I felt the emotions of Camille as she tried to separate her mind from the abuse and keep the hope of being rescued or found by her family and husbands.

    Camille is a character who intrigued me from the start and I think I love her best-not because she has three hot husbands but because she is stronger than she even realizes and in COURTING DARKNESS, she finally comes to realize that she can let Hyto win by cowering in a dark room or step up and face the monster who is bent on destroying her and Smokey in whatever way he can. With a deft touch of her hand, Ms. Galenorn delivers a dark tale that lets the reader see the vulnerabilities of two very strong characters and how they deal with everything that happens in this book.

    I can not wait to see what happens next in this series and hope Ms. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos