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Build a solid foundation for safe and pleasurable riding and driving. Problems on the halter and lead rope predict problems under saddle or Using three horses, Jonathan teaches you how Test the skills you and your horse have been learning by putting them to a purpose! Description: Chris teaches you how to gain control of your Horse's energy, mind, and body in preparation for riding. He walks you through the tools and knowledge that will give you the ability to succeed with Jonathan takes the complex, dynamic, and often misunderstood subject of horsemanship and boils it down to Description: Groundwork takes you step-by-step from 'halter to saddle' working with your colt from the ground.

Groundwork gives Description: Using the language horses already understand, Kitty Lauman shares with you her unique training methods. Ground manners are taught by using natural reactions turned into trained responses.

Kitty then shows how to use the trained No matter what your goals are with your horse, a good relationship starts with a good foundation. Mark brings a low key, low stress This 5-year-old had been in dressage training and was sent to Warwick as he was aggressive, worried, belligerent and Description: A step-by-step plan to safely rehabilitate your horse to accept the bit and bridle.

Does your horse move away or sling his head into the sky, charge forward, or possibly rear up or strike out when Description: This third DVD set in the Essentials series completes the foundation ground skills necessary to handle your horse safely and effectively before you advance to natural riding. Hobbles are a versatile addition to any training program She is inattentive and tends to want to run over the handler. To Warwick, step one of the educating or re-educating Description: In this episode, Clinton shows how to fix problem horse hooves with Vettec products.

Later, your memories were again rekindled as you saw Gandalf Description: Horse Talk - Relationship You dream of an equine partner eager to follow your lead. A companion and friend ready to carry you down the trail or to competition victory. A horse that doesn't crowd, bite Filmed at the Rocky Mountain Horse Description: Learn everything you need to know to be safe and enjoy your first horse Entirely devoted to the beginner rider, with little to no horse experience, this DVD series tackles the most common and critical questions Description: In this 2 DVD episode, Clinton shows you some of his beginner exercises from his popular Training series, Horsemanship Description: Take an arena-side seat as Ray Hunt works with students in several clinic settings, offering forthright instruction, brilliant observations and an insight into horses and people that cuts straight to the heart of what this Description: For the first time ever on film, Peter Campbell explains in depth his philosophy of horses and training.

He combines this with simple exercises that confirm the truest form of Peter's horse ability. With an Description: In this 2 part DVD, over minutes long, you will ride with Peter and his 20 students for a horsemanship class like no other. See English riders, western riders, competition riders and learn from Description: In this DVD you will see different horses that are considered problem horses. You will see what problems they had, what we did with them and how they progressed. There are many that thinks they Description: You will learn: - What three parts of the horse you need to train - What three things natural horsemanship will teach you - Lateral and vertical flexibility - Pressure and Release - Direct and Drive and why timing is Description: Have you ever wished that you could ride like you did when you were a kid.

Well finally here is a video that shows you how to do just that. Improve your balance Description: Dr. Miller tackles one of the horse owner's most difficult problems - the ill-mannered, unruly horse. Learn how you can change their behavior in just a few minutes without the use of cruel devices or Description: We all need a bit of inspiration with horses now and then.

This delightful DVD shows Karen demonstrating what's possible when we gain even more leadership, confidence, and trust with horses. This DVD is an Description: Horses are incredible animals with so much to share with us.

Watch as she shares this special relationship with you. Come and learn more about Description: An exciting and entertaining look into horsemanship A must see for all horse owners. Renowned Horseman and clinician, Jonathan Field, takes you on an in-depth and exciting journey of horsemanship. Description: In this DVD, Dave demonstrates putting a bridle on for the first time and teaching the horse to give to bit pressure and respond to leg pressure.

David has trained horses at the Davis ranch From field observation, horses at Description: Intuitive Touch with Horses through Awareness, Bodywork and Communication by Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones Beautifully executed DVD includes segments on the nature of horses, awareness, bodywork, scratching The horse's way of massage , acupressure, centering breathwork, The result is a willing Description: Josh Nichol is a well respected Horseman and Educator who has helped thousands of students understand that a truly successful relationship with horses begins by understanding them from the inside out.

Step into the round Explaining key terms Description: Linda Parelli is recognized around the world for her contributions to the teaching of Pat Parelli's Savvy System. Her lessons in "Fluidity" and "The Pushing Passenger Lesson" have proved revolutionary in bringing new confidence and Now you have the opportunity to view them in DVD format! DVD 1 - Episodes Episode Description: Volume 2 covers Episodes Episode 4: "De-Spooking Your Horse" offers a safe and effective method to desensitize horses to anything new, different, sudden or abrupt.

Episode 5: "From the Rail to the Trail" demonstrates techniques to Description: Volume 3 covers Episodes Episode 7: "Finding the Ideal Horse" offers an approach that prevents the tendency to fall for the less-than-ideal horse just because it's pretty! Episode 8: "Safe Saddling, Part 1" addresses a much-neglected Description: Covers episodes "Introduction to Ranch Roping" with guest clinician, Dan Moyer, is presented in three simple stages.

Even without ever attending a ranch-roping competition or seeing the inside of a branding pen, the philosophy of Description: Lead Line Leadership This DVD highlights Julie's tips and techniques to help you refine your communication and become the ultimate leader as you work with your horse. Learning from Julie's clear communication style, you'll undersand how Description: Chris Cox teaches the importance of ground control, which is essential for every horse.

You will learn his step-by-step methods to understanding ground work. No round pen needed, he will show how to use your lead Description: Simple and flying lead changes made easy! Any horse and rider will benefit from this video. Learn how to get your horse into the lead you need at a walk trot and lope Description: What exercises can I do to improve my horse's canter?

What is the best way to ask for a canter departure? How can I encourage my horse to be more responsive? How do I teach Description: This DVD focuses on teaching leads and flying lead changes on your horse using Natural Horsemanship techniques. Chris teaches you about lead departures. Introducing the movements, feeling the movements and natural lead changes and then Description: 3 DVDs make up the leg yielding series, Chris recommends that you begin the set at leg position 3, where you will learn to disengage with your leg at a walk, trot, and canter.

Here is where Dan differs from many other trainers; he will work with one horse, always achieving Description: The progressive series of horsemanship tasks demonstrated on this DVD have been designed to develop your horsemanship skills along with your horses rapport and confidence. It is a DVD with a series of tasks, what we Simple lead changes Flying lead changes loose rein Soft feel vertical flexion in rein positions. Dirk is Description: Learn the keys to safety, confidence, and fun in Levels 1 and 2!

The first two levels of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program will set you and your horse up for success by introducing two Description: Level 3 will take your horsemanship to a level of excellence that most people only dream about. This is where you take giant steps towards becoming a horseman, someone who understands horses from the inside Description: Learn the fundamentals of performance in Level 4 of the Parelli Program, and bring all Four Savvys to a spectacular expression of expertise.

Competition sports demand a high level of trust and skill from you Description: This DVD demonstrates a step by step natural horsemanship program for training you and your horse, from the bitless bridle to liberty riding with the neck ring. Independent of your style of riding, this DVD shows Description: The art of playing with a horse at Liberty has been the dream of countless horse lovers for centuries.

Description: Continue with Jonathan and Jack, now with the next key step as Jake's first session at Liberty draws near. You'll learn 'Stick to my Shoulder' and understand how it becomes a connector exercise for every These critical lessons teach you to set up for success in what can be Description: Jack continues his next sessions in the round pen at Liberty and you'll see how everything up till his point is put together and then advanced. Jack throws in some good learning opportunities as he Description: Watch while Jonathan and his top Liberty horse, Hal, play through a session in the open arena and get the big picture of where your Liberty journey can lead.

Then Jonathan tests his teaching with Description: Starting with Cam, Jonathan teaches you how to safely turn your horse out into a pasture and not ruin your previous liberty lessons. Follow along as Jonathan teaches Jack the Liberty circle which is one Description: Join Jonathan and Cam at a local equestrian park as they teach you various ways to get your horse connected back to you in new situations. Cam is very fresh and you'll see how Jonathan Description: This DVD was originally shot on video in the late s and was used successfully by many people to train their horses.

Many of those same people in fact wore out their copy of the Lightness is the consolidation of the New Language of Basic Control. Line will lead you where you want to go with control, lightness and rhythm. Description: It has been said that Ray Hunt could load a horse over the telephone and in this two-part DVD viewers will see why. Watch and learn as Ray works with a variety of horses all Description: Would you like to be a better rider? Would you like to have fun training your horse? The Training Course will help you Description: Part 2: The Hackamore takes you and your horse on to the next step in your schooling.

You'll learn how to use the horsehair mecate and move your horse through all gates in the elegant, Description: Part 1: The Snaffle Bit starts from the first ride. You'll learn the ways of the snaffle and "the soft feel" while applying them to the walk, trot and lope. Buck will even help you Stress is placed on Description: Almost 6 hours of material divided into 15 different segments.

There is a great balance between Ground Work and Riding Exercises. The DVD Set consists of the following topics The horse only knows he was taught something. It is up to you to decide which one he learns. Franklin created Horse Whisperer Seminar at his Maui ranch. They are hands-on, experiential programs designed to introduce horses to humans This introduction, developed by Phillip Whiteman Jr. Description: The ultimate feeling of being with a horse is when he synchronizes with you - goes when you go, slows when you slow - it's a magical thing.

But is it really possible to have Description: Based on over 30 years of studying wild horse ecology and ethology awareness and its application to thousands of horses and the people who work with them, this DVD clearly defines how horses build friendships, Description: When it comes to driving, having a solid understanding of the tools of the trade can make all the difference. Description: Driving can be one of the most engaging, enjoyable, yet challenging activities you and your horse can do together.

Now, in Part Description: For as long as horses have been involved in the lives of humans, be it work, play or as a companion, the proper maintenance of their feet has been an age-old practice. The care and Description: Disc 1: In this episode, Pete explains how the practice of Natural Hoof Care has taught horseowners and farriers alike how to easily heal problems that once perplexed the horse world such as founder and Description: This 3 DVD set features 3 different levels of rider proficiency to establish a holistic approach to mastering these important riding techniques.

Description: Natural Horsemanship with Paul Ortuno Disc 1 - Ground Work Whether you are an experienced rider, or have never even been in a saddle, learn the foundation of the Natural Horsemanship way. Disc 2 - Ready to Ride Learn Description: Horses are born skeptics, cowards, claustrophobics and panicaholics by nature They are perceptive to danger, people, places, changes and things And curiosity can be hazardous to their survival!

It's natural for your horse to be scared, Description: Session 1: This DVD focuses on desensitizing the horse to noises and quick movements, then sensitizing the horse to become supple and accepting. Is Your Miniature Horse Description: Session 2: This DVD focuses on teaching respect and obedience to verbal commands, while working the horse on a lunge line. He learns to work cooperatively, responding to hand signals and voice commands. Training a horse without any means of painful control Description: The topic of this DVD covers helping the severe head shy horse.

Description: Getting your horse to move forward can be overwhelmingly frustrating! For over Description: The thing to remember when you're raising foals is that little things make a big difference - both good and bad. Using Clinton's horse training Method to work with a foal just minutes a As your tour guide, Clinton will show you where he goes to Description: Just because winter weather has kept you out of the saddle, it doesn't mean that you have to abandon your horsemanship.

In this DVD, Clinton demonstrates several of his favorite exercises to practice when cold Description: Clinton teaches you how to desensitize your horse to objects. An object is anything that moves or makes a noise and lives outside of your horse's stall or pasture. It teaches your horse to be quieter Description: Several years ago, Clinton introduced Signature Horses to the public for sale because he saw a need for safe, dependable horses that could not only give their riders confidence, but progress their horsemanship as well Description: Backing up is really one of the most humbling exercises you can teach your horse because it's the complete opposite of what horses naturally do.

How do we get a horse's respect? By moving his You'll watch Clinton prepare Baron for picking up the correct lead and then teach him Yield and Go, Description: In this DVD, Clinton shows a few of his exercises designed to help make your horse safer and more responsive on the trail.

If trail riding in a group is more of a challenge than Description: It doesn't matter what you do with your horse - western dressage, dressage, trail jumping, cutting, reining, etc. In order to get a The buffalo made a great spooky object and gave Janet and Clinton the chance to desensitize Rio.

The goal Joy is Some people think that Description: When Ransom, a wild mustang from the BLM, arrived at Clinton's ranch, he was fearful and defensive around humans. But by using the Method and staying patient, Ransom soon learned to trust humans and become Description: Learn the knots, training techniques and aids that make tying your horse safe and easy every time.

Beginner's Guide To Horse Training: Part 2

Clinton will show you how! Runtime: 55 minutes. Description: Be on board for non-stop action as Clinton Anderson takes you behind the scenes of his unprecedented, against-all-odds, second consecutive Road To The Horse Championship win. From the preparation to the nail biting excitement-for the One Day with Pat Parelli captures Pat Description: Featuring Parelli Professionals drilling into topics beyond Level 4 in each of the Four Savvys, the Savvy Mastery Series is designed to catapult dedicated Parelli students to the next level of their horsemanship development.

Description: Linda and Pat Parelli coined the phrase 'Natural Horsemanship' over 20 years ago, and they have worked tirelessly to share their message of ethical horse training based on communication, understanding and psychology. Today, Pat and It was produced for home study due to the overwhelming response. Previously available only to Silver and Previously available only to Silver and Gold Savvy Previously available only to Silver Previously available only to Silver and Gold Savvy Members, Previously available only to Silver and Gold Savvy Members, these Previously available only to Silver and Gold Previously available only to Previously available only Is it everything you'd hoped, or do you want something beyond the norm?

Most people never achieve their dream with horses, even if it's as simple In Level 2, you will begin a Description: Finesse Patterns : Parelli Patterns Riding with Finesse is one of the most challenging things to do well. Horses area naturally claustrophobic, so building contact and collection needs to be a careful process. The Finesse Patterns Description: Freestyle Patterns : Parelli Patterns Riding without contact helps horses become more responsible, self-controlled, confident and relaxed. Having no contact helps riders become more balanced, fluid, confident and develop a deeply connected seat.

This DVD is part There is nothing more exhilarating than feeling that connection - the bond that is created outside the corral but must be preserved inside Description: On Line Patterns : Parelli Patterns Playing with horses on the ground teaches you to read horses and to build a strong trusting and growing relationship based on love, language and leadership. Description: In the third installment of her Goodnight's Principles of Riding series, Julie Goodnight leads riders through fun exercises taught on the ground, while mounted standing still, then gradually perfected at the walk, trot and later, Description: In this video Nick will start a 2 year old Gunnatrashya mare in near real time 1hour 40 minutes beginning with basic halter training thru the first two days of training which includes the first Usually when you see piaffe it is more like a stepping in place without enough energy to Description: Frank Bell and John Sharp's revolutionary approach to gentling wild horses.

Hands down, the most humane, effective, and expedient method for starting with all untouched horses. Part 1 - Practical Guide to Balanced Stops The only documented method to stop all types of horses at any speed. Whenever Pat has a discussion with trainers Description: Discover the Stage Before Colt Starting Whether you are sending your young horse off for training, looking forward to undertaking the colt starting process yourself or getting yourself acquainted with a new horse of any age, Description: The simple truth is no horse is perfect.

Some horses rear, bolt, buck, kick and bite. Sometimes a horse's vices are simply annoying or irritating. At other times, such disrespectful behavior can be intimidating and You will see Chris introduce the bit to Peanut for Description: You only have one chance to raise your young horse right. You want him to be mannerly, respectful and safe to handle. Description: Learn from the start how to build a loop and work your rope. Learn Old Style California shots like the over the hip, scoop loop, and houlihan.

Discover how to get your horse following cattle, Description: In part two of Ranch Roping see how to put the shots from tape one into use in real ranch situations. See Sam the dog help hold the herd and work the cattle. This video Description: The mystery of desensitization is solved! Let Anna Twinney teach you the secrets of how to "spook-bust" your horse with these easy to understand tools that you can apply to just about any situation Through multiple live action camera angles, diagrams, demonstrations and more, you will learn Working in an obstacle course is a Anna and her students will show you Description: Learn how to read your horse's personality through its body language.

Every horseman who has spent much time in the saddle can attest to the frustration that comes from having a lack of harmony with his Description: Join Julie as she guides you through the colt-starting process. Shot over 5 days and with an amazing young filly who had been prepared with the methods taught on Round Pen Reasoning and Lead Line Now it's time to refine your position and cues and to This presentation promotes the pursuit of excellence for developing healthy and productive relationships by addressing key Description: If you've ever dreamed of riding your horse using the power of your focus, the strength of your breathing, and the magic of your body language, this first in the series is for you!

R Release techniques are demonstrated. The C7 is done in real time to show the time Those who were lucky enough to have known and ridden with this great horseman will Description: In this DVD, Richard Shrake teaches you how to start a young horse from step 1 groundwork to the horse being saddled and ridden for the first time. He shows this process from beginning to Description: Horses off the track are often times ill prepared for their next career. Basic horse training foundation work has seldom been adequately addressed and the horses are crying out for help.

Taking the time to Consolidating Basic Control and Lightness for the maximum ride at any speed.

Trick Training: Make it All Click

Enjoy the Description: Learn how to breathe life into your training with Jenny Rolfe and her Iberian Stallions. Jenny demonstrates with both empathy and affinity that the relationship between horse and rider is paramount. This DVD outlines a progressive Description: "Craig Cameron has created a program that builds confidence and trust between man and horse. He uses the art of working through understanding and philosophy of teaching that eliminates rough handling of horses.

Description: Parelli is excited to bring you the work of Colleen Kelly, a talented biomechanics scientist who is also a multi-discipline rider, performance coach and retired Grand Prix judge. This 2-DVD set will teach you the Description: Each and every one of us is dedicated to becoming the best rider we can be.

We know that becoming a safe, coordinated, balanced rider not only keeps us comfortable in the saddle, it also Description: Using a young, confident, newly started, herd bound horse who hasn't been ridden in over a month, Jonathan covers core safety skills ALL riders and their horses can benefit from. Whether you have been around Description: Using three horses, all at different stages in their development, Jonathan thoroughly explains the components that make up lead changes.

He gives you a clear step-by-step process to go achieve clean and consistent lead departures, simple Description: Using one of his top horses, Quincy, Jonathan discusses feel, flexion and shape and how combining the three sets your horse up to perform to the best of his ability. He then teaches you how Description: In order to progress, you need to know where you are!

Using two horses, Jonathan gives you exercises and ideas to test your horsemanship skills and keep your horse asking, "What's next? Description: While most instruction for riding is based on equitation, Karen offers a different approach that helps transition leadership skills from the ground to riding. Description: Karen's imaginative instruction will help you learn to "ride from the ground" to safely establish even more communication and leadership with your horse. Learn to affect and improve your horse's transitions, direction, backing and sideways Description: Chris Irwin has worked with thousands of horses in a variety of disciplines, from western to English, dressage, reining, driving and jumping; from Olympic level to backyard trail riding.

In the fully revised "Riding the Develop your riding potential through awareness and balancing exercises. Educate your hands with instruction about effective hand positions and rein aids which help you to communicate Description: The Chinese character chi represents the life-process or energy flow that sustains all living things. Description: In this enlightening new series, Clinton builds on the principles of trust, responsiveness and respect instilled in Riding With Confidence Series I: Parts 1 thru 4.

You'll learn seventeen exciting new exercises to advance your You'll learn Exercises in these videos are intended for riders of all levels of experience and Description: Chris teaches you how to find your centered seat. He talks about three seat positions: 1 front of saddle, 2 center of saddle and 3 back pocket of saddle.

These positions are essential to achieve Description: Proper round penning is not about mindlessly longeing a horse around and around a round pen, but is about the opposite: it is direct one-to-one very precise communication with very specific cues and instructions. Description: Join Julie as she guides horses through the round-penning process, to establish the foundations of respect and communication with young horses and older mounts.

You'll see a variety of horses and older mounts. You'll see In this training Too many horses and too many people Linda shows Lois, an Extrovert, how to tone down her energy and yet Develop your leadership and prepare your horse to load with confidence. Horses are smarter than you Pat demonstrates steps you can take to prepare your horse to have his teeth floated, whether the dentist is Pat applies the principles of love, language and leadership to gain Tippy's trust and respect.

Description: Kat and her horse Gruly, a Left-Brain Introvert, have a lesson with Linda on ground skills, psychology, fluidity, and saddling. Pat explains the importance of playing with the horse's mind when you play On Line - not just Linda tests the Strategies to teach your horse to become more confident when tied. This is where getting control of your horse's forward motion begins.

Pat demystifies the control rein positions Description: This DVD presents Mike's instruction on collection and position in working towards the goal of refinement. Mike demonstrates his techniques on two different horses to show the different stages a horse may be in. Description: On the surface, teaching a young horse to halter and lead appears to be a simple, elementary process. Description: In this Hi-Definition documentary style DVD, Horsemanship Clinician and author Mark Rashid and his wife Crissi McDonald take the viewer through easy to understand steps on learning how to comfortably and effectively sit the trot Description: Internationally acclaimed clinician Ed Dabney works through problem issues with horses using his "Six Keys to Harmony" exercises.

You'll see in detail how the teaching and consistent use of these essential exercises can help you find Description: This information packed, professionally produced DVD features easy to understand techniques for establishing respect and trust with your horse and achieving light responses from your horse. By employing these exercises, your horse will be more Teach your horse to ride the speed to want on demand, work with the horses emotions to create a calm and safe partner, and correct and Description: Softouch Natural Hoof Care : Barefoot Trimming Phil's most comprehensive guide to trimming and maintaining healthy natural feet on your horses.

Natural hoof care specialist Phil Morarre teaches you both Description: You will learn: - Lateral flexibility from the Saddle - How to move all four quarters equally - How to direct and drive from the Saddle - How to do a One Rein Stop and why - Why your body Description: This DVD isn't only for Reiners but it is great for those wanting a better turn, better neck reining, and a softer horse in the bridle.

This DVD breaks down several exercises to help you Description: Wrangler Jayne handles Spirit This DVD shows how the application of the techniques helps this Description: Horses that spook and shy are truly dangerous. Description: In this video, Chris Irwin realizes a horse-owner's dream come true - the breeding, raising and starting of a young horse. Ekwa - Cree for "seize the moment" - is a 3 year-old Friesian-Hanoverian and Description: Spend a day with one of America's most renowned horsemen, as he restarts two green horses that have not been ridden in over two years.

Working from the ground and progressing to the saddle, Joe Description: A step-by-step look at starting your horses with love and safety! Frank uses a beautiful high energy three year old Arabian filly to demonstrate his straight forward approach to natural horsemanship and to helping the horse Description: The most in-depth Colt Starting Series available anywhere!

From wild Mustang to willing partner Although many horse owners do not consider themselves Description: In this DVD, Stacy teaches how to start young horses with a good foundation built by establishing respect through solid groundwork. From first handling to initial riding, methods with an eye toward safety and success Description: This DVD will take you to the next level of horsemanship. You'll learn the components of proper stops, spins, lead changes, along with total body control.

Description: This isn't a rodeo. Chris demonstrates how to put a stop to your horse's bucking. Every horseman who has spent much time in the saddle can attest to the frustration that comes from having a Description: Stress Free Trailer Loading shows you safe and proven, step-by-step methods for eliminating problems with trailer loading. Description: The Secret of Fluidity Linda Parelli shows how easy it is to become part of the horse by learning to move with every gait.

Not only does it cure the bounce, it puts an end He quickly identifies the horse's innate character and creates instant rapport and results because he knows what's uniquely important to Pat and Linda teach you the simple secrets of gaining impulsion with your Description: The Seven Games at Liberty One of the most fun and fascinating things you can do with a horse is play with no strings attached, from having them stick with you all the way up By understanding what attracts horses actually changes much more than a catching problem. This DVD also covers leading with savvy.

This DVD Description: The Finesse Formula Learn the specific keys to collecting a horse which helps it all come about naturally, without force, and that collects him at every level: mentally, emotionally and physically. This DVD covers the following Description: Discover the Lead Change Ladder By focusing on the ingredients and knowing what to do first, second, third, etc.

This DVD covers the following topics: What Description: The secret of Teaching Horses End confusion and see how the Seven Games are at the root of everything you want to teach a horse on the ground or on his back, not to mention an You will be amazed, touched and inspired as you watch Anna Description: Crossing streams, puddles, ponds and even rivers on a horse is something many people find challenging. Horses refuse to go in, turn and try to run, jump, or rush through. This DVD helps you learn Description: Working with a horse that has never been ridden outside of the arena, educator and clinician Ken McNabb will show you how to handle real-life scenarios and develop a steady and trusting trail partner.

Stop chasing your horse around when trying to mount. Learn how to have your horse come to you for mounting.

From Sour To Sweet: Solving Barn and Buddy Sour Problem Horses

Description: In this episode, Clinton shows you how to teach your horse to stop with five different exercises. Clinton's original hour long The ten progressive Description: Tommie has mastered the way to create a real connection with your horse and is putting his techniques into his new series "the Art of Liberty". This is a no nonsense course on what it Jonathan takes a very hard to catch horse and shows you all the steps he would use to teach the horse to actually want to be Description: Put an end to those "you can't catch me games" horses play, and discover how to convince your horse that coming to you is the best idea.

The secret is not to catch your horse Description: This Aspen Community Television production is a one-hour show featuring Franklin being interviewed about his origins, the development of his philosophies around horses and horse training. This is a comprehensive look at the man himself, Description: Capture the saddle: The mounting Block Lesson teaches great mounting block manners, plus it sets the stage for single-rein riding. The DVD is divided into two parts. The first half focuses on the Little Details Make a Huge Difference!

Learn how to ride from your core by Description: Presented by Dr. This much anticipated presentation Now in the Microriding lesson you'll learn how to be a better kinesthetic observer. The main focus of this video is the very beginning step of clicker training: teaching the horse what the Description: Stimulus control stabilizes behavior and creates good manners. Cues act like green lights. They tell the horse which behavior will earn him reinforcement at this particular moment. When a behavior is fully on cue, you It begins Description: Muska is a young Icelandic who developed a fear of saddles after a riding accident.

Follow her lesson as we use the power of cues to remove her fear of saddles. This two hour Head lowering can be such a transforming exercise for many horses.

Most of us know She comes with a vast and well-rounded knowledge of animal behavior. Observe as Janet uses a technique Buck demonstrates the way to keep you and your horse safe as you step into the saddle and move into your new The footage takes you through the entire initial gentling of one wild horse and shows the "start" of two others. Lesley leads Description: They got together to start 20 head of colts for the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas for their first week of handling. Join them on this over 7 hour DVD as they start Description: Join George in a private training session with Spencer Smith, an advanced student.

This talented young rider is coached as he prepares for the Junior Division Nations Cup. You will see a session that very Description: In this full session with Jonathan and Elvis, you will see an amazing change. Taking all the skills built from the day before, Jonathan rides Elvis and teaches the importance of control and essentials when Description: In this second session on day 1 with Elvis, Jonathan takes you through a very teaching-oriented session.

Jonathan explains and demonstrates how to build intent-based communication as he teaches Elvis to yield from pressure and If your horse has inactive hind legs, tongue displacement, choppy stride or Description: The Horse Crucified and Risen Horse Encyclopaedia is a documentary showing the brutal historical relationship between horse and man.

How man devised many cruel methods to try to control the horse. Methods, which today, Description: Chris Irwin asks: "Do the groundwork excercises with horses commonly being taught truly align with and adhere to the fundamental principles of classical riding? When we lead our horses do we work with the concept Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 Next. Hcarr40 gmail. Horse absolutely won't load Mar. So, sorry that this is long but I do not know what to do. I bought an ottb in January and she is a great horse, beautiful and a total pocket pony.

However, now that I need to move her to her new home I have found that she has one vice. Of course the old owner offered to deliver her to me and stupid me said yes. I assumed she trailered well going back and forth to the track all the time. Now I need you to believe me on this, every single trick in the book you can think of, I have tried. I have worked with several trainers.

Different trailers, loading a buddy, grain, nagging, lunging, leaving in the field overnight with feed in it, and many many more. It has been a week now and I have spent at least 6 hours every day trying to load her to no avail. I have never seen a horse not give in after several hours and finally load. She will not even put a foot in. She throws her head up, rears and has even fallen over a few times. It scared me when she fell because she does have an old track injury on her rear leg that I didn't want her to agravate so I called it a day.

After seeing how her veins were bulging, how sweaty she got and how obviously upset she gets every time we try, it got me thinking. Is it really worth forcing her on a trailer if she would rather kill herself than load? I understand that I'm the boss and she needs to do things that she doesn't like to do, but with my showing and fox hunting aspirations, I wonder if this is just not the horse for me. I dont want to make her miserable every time we go somewhere. I have the vet coming out to trank her just to get her to her home, but this is not a permanent fix.

What would you do in this situation? Should I find her a home where her owner will only ride at home and be happy not going anywhere? Or do you think with steady work she will forget about the horrifying experience she must have had that is causing her to not want to trailer?

I have just never seen a horse that is this terrified to load and gets so dangerous to be around. Tags: None. If you've spent 6 hours every day for a week straight trying to load to load her then that is a HUGE part of your problem. Back off and find someone who is an actual professional at loading to work with her for short intervals every day in a nice open trailer. Comment Post Cancel. Okay that is a good point thank you. Our lease ran out on the property we have now so we need to get her out asap so maybe we are over pushing her. Posting Trot. This is a tough one, particularly since you like the horse otherwise.

In general, it is more than just a convenience to have a horse that will load, because even for those owners who may not show or trailer all the time, there are times when the horse absolutely needs to be trailered somewhere.

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Like to the vet, or to a new home. You say that you've worked with trainers; what did the trainers do, exactly? How different were their methods? Have you looked at John Lyons' book, Lyons on Horses? He has a whole chapter on trailer loading. Basically he treats loading a horse on a trailer as an extension of proper ground-work. I don't know if this would be useful in your situation, but it might be worth checking out.

Good luck. Chestnut Run. Very few OTTBs have trailer loading problems, but may not be used to a regular 2 horse type trailer. They often ship on horse vans which are pretty open and airy. Could you try a stock trailer, or something with a box stall? And I second what another poster said. If you are spending 6 hours a day for several days, you aren't doing it right and really need someone professional to help you or to ship for you. Have you taliked to the old owner and asked if they had issues? What kind of rig did they have? What do you have?

What kind of trailer was she delivered in? Borrow a stock trailer. I've never had a horse not load willingly in one. Also look at your trailer. You may have issues. I agree,need an open stock or slant load,high ceilings. Also need to work on going forward,I like to do it long lining. Work away from the trailer to start. This combines well with clicker training. I have a pony who is sometimes a bit reluctant. All I have to do is hold the lead in the left,driving whip in the right and she hops in on her own. Have you tried both step ups and ramps?

Some horses prefer one over the other, perhaps she has an extreme case of this. I have a horse that Absolutely. When I got him. It took dorm, ace, and backing him into the trailer to get him home. It was ridiculous. I taught him to load by clicker training. Then we started with clicking and treating for small tasks, then larger tasks. After some time doing this I started bringing him up to the trailer, stopping him before he decided to stop, and clicking and treating. Then walking away. I repeated the process getting a little closer each time until we were stopping at the bottom of the ramp.

Then the real work began. I opened up the trailer as much as possible so it was light and airy. Then I stepped in and stood, putting light pressure on the lead. Any small yield to pressure got a click and treat, with training sessions lasting no more than 15 minutes before a break.

It took a long time but eventually we got it and he's been consistently much better since. However this took TIME. There will be people that say they can get any horse loaded in under an hour but I call bullsh! This horse had a complete meltdown over any little thing and I guarantee any "tried an true method" to get him to load would've ended with a vet bill or a trip to the hospital.

I know you mentioned you don't have much time to get the horse out so if the clicker method isn't feasible I would recommend calling the vet out and drugging the horse to get her on the trailer. I agree with trying a different trailer. A lot of horses are sensitive to ramp-load trailers. Try loading the horse into an airy stock trailer.

Another suggestion, have someone else try. Hand the horse off to someone else, and see what happens. Also, try working on lots of in-hand and longing respect. Horse has to learn that you're not joking around. Training to load on the trailer is an extension of proper ground work.

That includes ones who have never taken a trailer ride. Proper ground work. Teaching giving to pressure, cluck or kiss means move your darn feet immediately, pressure on the nose means get off it and woah means plant your feet. Once you engage their mind and make them focus on you and listen to you, and you're not physically dragging them or trying to physically restrain or hold them back, they will do anything for you. But your horse must respect you on the ground, give to pressure and know cluck and woah.

Been in your shoes many many times. I had a large pony we had to run the lunge line through the front window and around the rear legs to the front of halter and use another vehicle to pull her into trailer.